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Peruse a hub of Culpepper Content Creation!

A Body of Horror

Premiering at a showcase hosted by Pulitzer-Prize-finalist and commedienne Kristina Wong, this piece was entirely written, edited, and produced by Helen Culpepper as an intern for Fringe Benefits Theatre.

Do YOU have the guts to watch it?

Resident Infected

Lock Helen Culpepper in one room for ten days and watch what happens.

The Perfect Crime

Undetectable, untraceable, cheap, AND permanent? Find out how you yourself can commit the most diabolical crime without ever being caught!

(This video actually made it to the front page of reddit and boasts 3.6 million views on TikTok!)

Escape from Stew Leonard's

A charming children’s grocery store or an animatronic nightmare factory? You decide as Helen introduces the wider world to the bizarre east coast attraction that is Stew Leonard’s.

Smash or Pass

We all know you’ve been swiping left on some horrible humans lately but could your one true love be a hottie from the Pre-Cambrian? Find out as Helen smashes or passes marine fauna from the early paleozoic era.

Prehistoric Parade

What would happen if you punched a T. Rex? Did whales once walk on land? Was there a giant saber-toothed hippo terrorizing Europe? All of these pressing scientific questions and more are answered on the YouTube series Prehistoric Parade! 8 Episodes of Season 1 are out now!

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