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Helen Culpepper is a content creator operating outside of LA, New York, and anywhere with a high concentration of dogs to pet. They’re guided by a strong belief in entertainment’s power to inspire active change in modern audiences and deliver meaningful messages to the wider world. A student at the University of Southern California, they’ve pursued this passion by taking every academic opportunity to study how humans entertain and connect with each other, whether that’s interviewing dozens of queer comedians on how they employ their craft against the AIDS pandemic or honing their own performance skills in several Main Stage Productions at the School of Dramatic Arts. 


When they’re not nose deep in a book about Athenian curse words, Helen is also an active member of many extracurricular organizations such as Dorothy’s Friends Theatre Company, Trojan Actors for Film and TV, and Performing Arts Committee of USC just to name a few. They’re even founder and President of Ludus Remedium, a sketch, improv, clowning and street stunt comedy troupe that uses audience engagement to improve student mental health.


Helen has not only found scholastic success, but stumbled into social media stardom when a satirical video they made about setting a raspberry on fire went viral. Since then their TikTok account, @helenbellpepper, has garnered over 112 thousand followers, 10 million views, and several brand deals. Its content ranges from comic satires on consumerism to the proper technique when playing harp with your toes.


They’re also a songwriting minor at USC's Thornton School of Music. Contrary to the “cyberpunk” aesthetic, Helen has been studying concert harp from the age of six and has been playing professionally since age twelve. Fresh out of high school, they published their first book of compositions called Cockatoo Tango but have recently been writing more short form comedic melodies to compliment their standup sets. 


Like most people without access to a working time machine, Helen doesn’t know exactly what the future might hold, but is certain that they want to create art that matters. They could even create that art with you! So please take a moment to peruse this site and get a greater sense of what Helen Culpepper has to offer.


Helen is nonbinary and uses They/them pronouns (and lots of garlic when making pasta as you can never be too careful with vampires these days).

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