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  • 15+ years of experience in Concert Harp

  • Awards

    • 3 Gold Cups in Performance from the Young Musicians Festival

    • 2 Gold Cups in Composition from the Young Musicians Festival

    • 1st Place in the Suzanne Culley Festival

  • Positions

    • Principal Harp of the Norwalk Youth Symphony at Tanglewood

    • Principal Harp of CMEA Allstate 2019

    • Principal Harp of CMEA Western Region 2018-2019


Enjoy a short, sweet, wonderfully strange songbook for harpists (or pianists) of all ages and their friends. Buy Cockatoo Tango composed, illustrated, and published by Helen Culpepper on Amazon today!


Duke by Bernard Andrés

Bohemian Rhapsody

Fantasies on a Theme by Haydn

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